Unable to add new lists in parking lot

Keith L. Morris 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 8

First, I love the new look and upgrades.  Keeps getting better all the time.  

My issue is that since the upgrade, when I go to the parking lot to add ideas, I am no longer able to add new lists.  The add list button does't respond and has the little "pro" label below it.  I am a pro user and all of the other pro features seem to be working.  Have a reached a limit?


Hi Keith, Thanks for reporting the issue, it allows me to be aware of it and fix it as early as possible.

You should not have that issue anymore. Thanks!

The problem recently occured again. Any suggestions?

Do you still have this issue?

You can only have three lists in the parking lot if you are on the FREE plan.



ok! Yeah, that explains it. It was felt odd, because I had 7 or so during my trial perior, and they persisted when I was downgraded to the free version. I only "lost" them because I decided re-organize, which means deleting and re-creating. I suppose I have to create a new account, setup the multiple lists and then never touch them again :)

Or consider upgrading to support the application :)

Ahh... you sure got us Aymeric. My one suggestion to make this clear to existing users is to make an easily accessible page which outlines the features of free Weekplan vs. Weekplan PRO. If this already exists, forgive me, but I cannot locate it at this time!

I will definitely be switching over to Pro, for the record. It would just be helpful for me to understand exactly how the two types of accounts differ from one another. :)

I don't mean to "get you" Samantha. I do explicitly state that you are on a two weeks trial, and all trials references in the app point to the Pro page: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=Pro that explains what the PRO plan gives you.

What I need to do though is make it clearer why you can't create more parking lot lists to avoid confusions like this one.