How about a tab for "Sharpen the saw" or maybe just "the Saw"?

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 4
I thought of it, as recent as ... today :)
I have the book and the personal workbook on my desk and I looked at how I could integrate the other chapters of the book.

I couldn't find any other good matches for a web app.

What would you put in the "Sharpen the saw" tab?
Sharpen the Saw are those things we should be doing.  They should end up in our What I Learned Journal entry while taking care of those What I Should Do Better Journal entries.

The Sharpen the Saw should have roles similar to the Weekly Compass.  It also must tie into the Vision. 

For now the last link should be Saw as it is the 7th Habit.  We should be able to tie the entries to Roles.  The ability to attach Hyperlinks is needed also.  Finally, this might be one area to allow documents and pictures. 

This needs additional contemplation and review....
Hello Aymeric,
I find your work so helpful, thanks for all you've done! :-)
I would probably start by separating the dimensions Body, Mind, Soul, & heart.
Ideally (I think) it should be open slots like the roles, so different habits can be added, changed, or/and deleted.