What are momentum points?

carina iboaya 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 6
In the tutorial, it does not say anything about momentum points, but every time I complete a task, it says that I earned one momentum point. What is a momentum point? Maybe you could add this in the tutorial.
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Hi Carina, that's a very good point. I will make sure to add some documentation about it.

You may have noticed that the background color of a role in the Goals of the Week panel is in fact a momentum bar. It shows you at a glance whether you are neglecting a specific role or not. It works like this:

- A bar starts at 100%.
- Every day, each bar loses one point.
- Every time you complete a task related to that role, the bar increases of one point.
- If the task is a goal of the week, the bar gets 7 points instead.

I hope this help!

There is a tutorial video about them here: http://weekplan.net/tutorials
Basically they are helping you realize when you are neglecting a specific role.

Hi! What can the momentum points be used for with the new (?) layout? I can't find the momentum bars.

Yes they are are just above the name of the roles in the "Roles and goals" section of the weekly planner.