android widget 4x4

Pavel M. Stekovsky 7 years ago updated by Tim_0612 11 months ago 5

Hi Aymeric. Can you make an android widget pleeeeease :) for example 4x3. It would be more efective cos your aplication is very good it will be even better if I could have an separate desktop with goals on my smartphone. Thank you :)


Hi Pavel, unfortunately other tasks need to be done before I tackle this one. But don't lose hope, my plan for this year is to open weekplan to developers so someone might hear you and develop it :)

Firstly, congratulations for Week Plan, it's a fantastic app!
I started using Week Plan recently, and a widget for Android would be great! Right now, I have to use another app to make my tasks visible in the home screen, but it would be much better if Week Plan had this feature. Please, rethink your answer and see if you can deliver it in shorter time :)


I'm coming from ToDoist to WeekPlan and ToDoist have a great widget!!!

This would be sooooooo great to have board on you homescreen widget.


Hi Aymeric,

I believe this really needs to be a priority. 

I think for the features Weekplan offers compared to the competition it is highly overpriced. Only the way things are structured won't keep people long term.

Because of the lack of a widget it takes so long to add a task to WeekPlan, that I actually use Todoist and zapier, which for the product priced at ~15$ a month can't be the way to go.

Would be really interesting to see your release plan of features for the rest of the year. Would give me personally more confidence to stick with WeekPlan.

Many thanks.