Agreed. New layout doesn't work for me. How do I get back to the old one?

david 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 5
Hi. Thanks for asking.

I'm ten days or so into my trial. WeekPlan is about as close to what I've been looking for as anything. I've tried Things, Goals on Track, Nach, LifeTick … I like the simplicity and clarity of WeekPlan, but there are a few glitches that can frustrate one's objective to get through your planning quickly and efficiently and focus on doing.

So you know: I'm using WeekPlan on iPhone 5, Macbook Pro OS 10.8, Safari 6.2 On my iMac 5K, OS 10.10 and Safari 8.0...

The newest glitch: this new layout. First, the arbitrary nature of the change. All of a sudden, it's different without warning, just as I've formed my new habits using it. Unless I'm missing something and the old layout is still a choice, the original is easier to navigate, The left column stack of roles/goals easier to drag and drop a goal into a specific day. Now you have to scroll down to the roles row (to grab a goal) if you have a long list on any day. Too much scrolling and clicking. And not everything visible all at once.

User's manual: is there one? I haven't been able to find it. And the tutorial doesn't take you all the way through. I didn't discover the swipe left option on the iPhone for several days. Maybe I missed where to find out.

Repeating goals such "Work out 3x a week" — or specific projects with sub-tasks (Checklists) that take several days 's hard to program — require multiple entries (t would be nice to be able to drag a goal from roles to three different days and have it stick (like workout on Tue, Wed, Sat). But checking off one, checks off the goal in the role column. 

I've had some problems with the edit mode: you can often click on a goal and not find the edit window (way at the bottom of the page or just doesn't show up at all, confused with the goal above it).

Hope this helps.



I don't see that Aymeric is answering the request by many users to make the previous app available. I just can't afford the time to get through all of the glitches apparent in the new layout. I hope that maybe here, he will answer this request.

I am not trying to revert to the previous layout, instead I am trying to make the new layout work for everyone. I have taken in account the fact that it is broken in your Android devices (I believe you are running an older version of Android).