Sharing workspace permissions bug

M Chadderz 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 4
The would appear to be a bug with this feature. Upon setting up a workspace you can share it with other users. However one of those users can then delete you from your workspace! How do you get this back and prevent this from being possible?
Update: Also attempted to re-invite the workspace owner (creator) from one of the user accounts. Would allow the entry of the email address but no email would arrive.
Really think that the solution for this is that it should not be possible to remove the workspace owner similar to the way that a user cannot change the workspace name for a workspace they did not create/own.
Wow, I am very sorry to have not answered to this issue earlier :(

First, I made the decision to allow all users to have all rights on a workspace simply because I assume weekplan users are smart users :) The needs for stricter permissions rules will probably emerge as the audience of weekplan broadens though.

Second, the fact you couldn't reinvite the admin user is worrying. Please let me know your weekplan email address and the name of the workspace you are trying to access and I will check things for you. Send your email address as a private message please on this website.


Thanks. I appreciate that user groups should know better, but in my experience it is better to have simple safeguards in place. Before committing to the WeekPlan app I had been completing some tests to evaluate it's suitability and how safe the data in the plan would be.