Subtasks appearing twice under backlog by roles or objectives

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Please see the screenshot below. Is there a reason for this behavior or is it a bug

1. Same subtasks are appearing twice in this view (under the main task and then after all main tasks) .  It is very confusing and no way hide them.  

2. Is there a way to hide all subtasks (have none showing under main tag)

By Objectives

Image 3419

By Roles

Image 3418

Web app

Please advise how can I hide the duplicate subtasks.  If unclear from screenshots I can provide a screencast showing this behavior.

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Hi there, 

My sincere apologies for the delay in replying.  You can see all the subtasks under the parent task. You can also schedule the subtask(s) in the planner.  They will appear on the scheduled date then. It will not make sense if we show the parent task's for each subtask on the subtask scheduled date. A task may have multiple tasks and can be scheduled for different dates.  In the planner Instead of the whole task, you will see the scheduled subtask only. 

Let me know if doesn't clarify or the suggestion of how you want them to appear. 

Thank you.