Trouble moving a task from the parking lot to the weekly wait list

Malia Leck Brandt 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 3
So excited to find this program as the perfect hybrid of time management philosophies :)
When I choose  to "edit task" from the parking lot, I am offered the ability to "move to" another list. I have no problem moving the task around between lists in the parking lot, but nothing happens when I select the list that can be seen on the bottom right of the week view. If I reopen the task, (it has remained in the parking lot) even though the new list is displayed as its default, it doesn't move there. Thanks for the help!
I see when I refresh the page, it now comes up on the right list. -not as smooth as moving other things around, but figured out how to do it.:) 
Malia, most actions should not require you to refresh the page. If you do, something is wrong and I will fix it. 

I will work on the issue you have reported right now. (Thanks for letting me know!)
Cool the issue is fixed and it will be present in the next deployment.