add an external URL to tasks

Rich 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 5
Some tasks are associated with an external website. Most of these are connected to emails from friends, family and associates who want me to look at some URL. To keep myself on focused I try to create tasks for these types of emails rather than risk being sidetracked from more important goals.

Right now I often store the website address in the task Notes. To get to the URL I have to open the task, open the Notes, copy the link and paste it into a new tab.

It would be nice if you could add an external link to a task. If the External Link field is populated, a small link icon could be made visible on the task in the task list. This link would pop open a new window/tab with the external link.

This would also be nice for repeating tasks that always use the same URL.

Some additional example tasks showing how this could be used:
- Check out this article/video/website/blog => article/video/website URL
- Transfer money (monthly) => bank URL
- Respond to this email => specific URL to message in webmail client
- Pay this bill (monthly) => URL to vendor bill pay portal
- Regularly review industry news => URL of news site
- Record data => Google Sheets URL
- Monitor Your Brand (daily/weekly/monthly) => URL of Google Search with preset query
- Purchase this item => link to item on Amazon
RememberTheMilk had a similar idea but I lean towards having a minimalist icon in the task list for tasks that have an external URL set rather than displaying the full URL. The full URL would be found in the Task Edit window. I suppose the icon would be similar to the grey circular icons you have for Repeats and Notes.

Under review
You should store the URL in the task text directly, it should show a shortcut.
Wow! It works great! Has it always worked like that?

If you happen to be working in that area at a later date... I would still love to see either a link icon (for the minimalist) OR perhaps extend the hyperlink mark down notation to the action field so you can specify all or part of the action text as the hyperlink text.

Thanks for all your hard work. It's a great tool.
Ok I have taken note. Thanks :)