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Unable to drag on Chrome / Macbook Pro

todd 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 7

Using Chrome on my Macbook Pro, when I try to drag TODOs around, it instead swipes the columns (which is what it does on mobile). I'm a Pro user, but this makes Week Plan nearly useless for me - I can't adjust priorities or postpone tasks. My bet is that whatever touch detection library you're using is falsely identifying my non-touch laptop as a touch device (perhaps try to update to the latest version of that library?). If that doesn't work, please add some way to manually override this, otherwise I'm going to have to start looking for a new app that I can actually use!

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Your assumption is probably correct. I will look at this issue more in details. Does it work fine in Safari?

Just checked, same issue in Safari. For reference, mid-2014 Macbook pro, fully spec'd

I also have a macbook pro 2014 and I don't run into this issue. Do you use an external mouse or the trackpad?

Hmm. I just use the built in trackpad

Would you be able to look into the Dev Tools of Chrome (F12, then click on the Console tab) to see if there is any error there?

Only error I see: Application Cache Error event: Failed to parse manifest https://app.weekplan.net/cache.manifest

Not a bug

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