Can you add a monthly repeating task option?

Jana Gallatin 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 4

If I could figure out how to bring in tasks from Google calendar, then the recurring tasks would not be such a pain.  But I have monthly meetings and reports to do.  (And bills like don't forget to mail the stupid mortgage payment...:-)




Hi Jana, 

I hope you are well today. 

I wrote a blog post recently on how to set up the integration between Google Calendar and WeekPlan. Here it is: http://weekplan.net/synchronize-google-calendar-and-weekplan/

We are working on improving the repetition of tasks right now, unfortunately monthly won't be part of it yet. (Focusing on weekly / daily at the moment).


So I see this post/reply was from 3 years ago. Any chance this feature is improved yet?

This feature works. We have the same repetition options as google calendar.