Delineation when adding multiple items via email?

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Am brand new to WeekPlan & have a huge Brain Dump list that I want to add to WeekPlan.

Reading through the Knowledge Base & Community Forum, it looks like the best way (?) to do this is to send multiple tasks via email (so I don't have to type hundreds of separate entries into WeekPlan).

When I email a number of tasks to inbox or parking lot, as per instructions:

Send a list of tasks via email

Sometimes you want to be able to “braindump” a list of tasks.

From: Email address you use to log into Week Plan

To: or

Subject: Ignored


Task item 1

Task item 2

Task item 3

I end up with one task, as follows:

Task item 1 Task item 2 Task item 3

Do I need some delineation after each task, or how do I get these to appear as separate tasks?

Maybe there is a better way to get a huge BrainDump into Parking Lot?

It would still be nice to be able to add multiple tasks from email in the future, anyway.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi there, 

May we ask if you are hitting enter after each task in the email body?  Please hit enter after each task it should create a new task in the weekplan. 

Let us know if it doesn't work. 

Thank you. 

Hi Geeta

Thank you very much for your response.

Yes - I was hitting enter key & adding each new task on a new line.

I have now got this feature working by switching to a gmail account. My primary account is a Yahoo Mail account & it still does not work with sending tasks to WeekPlan (from Yahoo on PC or Android). I will switch my email to gmail and use this from now on (I was considering moving over to gmail anyway, as Yahoo Mail has become slow & troublesome in other ways). 

It might be worth noting that Yahoo emails do not delineate the tasks, in case any of your other customers have this issue in the future.

Many thanks for your help,


Thank you Kevin for the details of the issue and sorry that it didn't work for the Yahoo Mail account. We will fix it and try to deploy it in the next release.  

Many thanks!