Extension setting are lost on closing app or logging out.

Remco 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 9 1 duplicate
Weekplan seems like a great tool, especially with all the extensions.
However, everytime I close the Weekplan tab (both Firefox and Chrome), the extension settings are lost and it reverts back to the defaults. I have re-enabled the extensions numerous time to no avail.

Could this be fixed? Thanks!
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I have tried to replicate this and it is working well on my end. Do you still encounter this error?
I feel like I am still having the same trouble with not being able to edit things if I make a mistake... but maybe that is just not part of the model.
It is now staying "on" in my extensions though.
Heather, what issue are you talking about? is it related to extensions?
I have this problem as well. Each time I come back to the app the extensions are all 'off' and I have to turn them all back 'on' again. However the text I'd entered was still there once they reappeared. I'm using Safari.
Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this bug so it makes it impossible to fix it. Do you still have this issue?
I just checked out the Outliner extension again. It is staying on and I can now edit my nodes and sub-notes without problems. Thank you!
Thanks for letting us know, Heather. I will now mark this as solved. Feel free to contact us again if this issue persists. Thanks for all your patience!