server side error

Morné Maritz 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5
Hi, when I attempt to access https://app.weekplan.net/, I get a server side error dialog. I'm using chrome on windows (whatsmybrowser.org/b/LLOJRNQ). Thinking it may be browser related, I thought I'd attempt using firefox and IE as well. Clicking on the "Give it a try" link (which I'm assuming installs the browser add-on) on the features page (http://weekplan.net/features/) also results in a server error.
Under review
Hi Morné,

We had a 3 hours downtime over the night (Australia time). The issue is resolved, I have put better monitoring in place and I have found the root cause. I will implement the fix this week.
Hi Aymeric,

The issue has been resolved for me. Thank you for your speedy response. :)
It still doesn't work for me in Chrome
I am surprised, my monitoring tools are not reporting anything and it works on my machine. What url are you using? It should be https://app.weekplan.net