Scrollbar is disturbing

Richard Lamers 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 8
I can´t reach the next week or the calendar, beause the scrollbar is disturbing. I`m using Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and an extern monitor. Any idea? 
Not a problem in the online-mode. Only in the app für windows 8.
Under review
People have been reporting issue with accessing Next Week. We are trying to figure out why some can and some cannot.

Could you send a screenshot showing the scrollbar being in the way?
Screenshot is added. On the extern monitor it is even worth. [EDITED TO REMOVE PRIVATE DATA]
Can´t reach the parking lot either. 
We will have a look at it. Thanks!
I´m a bit frustrated. I would like to check my parking lot. Unfortunatly impossible.
Good news, I have found the issue and fixed it. It will be available today (I will solve a few more issues before deploying the new version)