Repetition of daily tasks would be key.

Timothy Gallant 6 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 5
For those of us who struggle with day-to-day organization, it helps to have a plan in front of us every morning, afternoon, and evening. I would really appreciate the availability of having this right in front of me every morning. This would also allow me to track my time spent on these Important, non-urgent tasks. 
Hi Timothy,

It is a feature we have started working on, but the developer who worked on it left (he was a freelancer and found a permanent job). The work will start again at some point. It isn't an easy feature to implement. 
Sad to hear that, as I'm very much looking forward to this feature as well.

Hope you find another dev soon ;-)

And thanks for a great app!

- A new Pro user
I found a developer! He is currently working on improving the overall speed of the application for mobile users. I will queue this feature. I can't promise it will be worked on next though, there are some more pressing things that need to be developed. Many people would benefit from a better mobile app.