Several issues/ideas


Here are the few little things I have encountered:

  1. Responsiveness: when dragging tasks around they will sometimes grey/blur out, and I can't do anything else until they un-blur. Sometimes this can last for 10+ seconds. I don't know if this is actually my connection being slow sometimes, or the platform to be honest!
  2. One hour long tasks: when I want a task to take one hour, it doesn't say "08:00 - 09:00" above the task name, it just says "08:00". It is a minor problem, but I like to see the start and end time for all my tasks. I usually set tasks to 55 minutes if I want them to be an hour long, just so I can still see the approximate end time on the task.
  3. There is still no 'Enter to save' function when setting a task duration, I have to click the Ok button to save the duration.
  4. It would be useful if sub-tasks were automatically assigned the same role as the parent task.
  5. Within the duration window, it would be useful if you could create your own preset times (adjust the presets of 0h, 30min, 1h, 2h, 4h). Or add more presets, like 5min / 10min / 15min.
  6. You cannot set 1.5 hours as a duration, you have to enter 90 minutes (more annoying when you want to set very long tasks, but to half hour precision, then some quick mental maths is needed - would be easy if you could enter decimal hour values.
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