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Hello Aymeric¡¡¡ first let me thank you for your excellent app... it really helps me to make my work easier.. :)
as an idea, I think you could put on the left side a column with a list of GENERAL GOALS, each one associated to a color. Then you could allow to associate each SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE in the calendar with the GENERAL OBJECTIVE using the color... like this...
so we can stay more focused in our goals...
as a second idea, you could create a second layer in the app that allowed us to generate brainstorm maps...

ok... that's all...
and thanks for your help.. :)

Aymeric Founder

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for your suggestion, I think it is important to keep the concept of roles. It helps people stay balanced. Today you can associate a color to a role, and associate a task to a role (and that task will get the color).

Regarding your second idea, I am also feeling the need to have some space where to brainstorm. Maybe not a mindmap per se, but some kind of corkboard where you can pin any "post it notes" you want.



I hadn't realized that ROLE=GENERAL OBJECTIVE :)

thanks a lot Aymeric¡¡

Ana Loraine
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In behalf of the team , you are most welcome!

Please feel free to reach out if you have other questions or concerns.