Checked off tasks now unchecked, app and web very slow

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You are reporting two different issues:

Issue 1: checked off now unchecked.

We had an issue last week which we believe we have resolved, could you please retry to complete a task and confirm it is fixed for you? The issue was related to repeating tasks specifically.

Issue 2: performance

This happens due to a large number of tasks, I also have the same problem. We are aiming to deploy a version this week or next week that will fix this.


Hi I'm having similiar problems it seems server response is very slow I click on a action and it takes 3-4 seconds to respond  all my other task team manager softwares seem to be operating response fine


Thanks for the details. We are working on a performance fix this week. Few fixes are deployed today but more will be this and next week. 

Your patience will be highly appreciated.