I don't want to try the pro version, how can I downgrade to the free one directly?

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I know the 15-day trial is meant as a nice offer but many features of the paid version actually annoy me and I would like to skip the trial.

Otherwise I would wait 15 days to use it and by then I probably use something else anyway...

I might later subscribe to the pro version for one or two features but at the moment the possibility to skip the trial or disable functions during that period would be great

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What PRO features annoy you?


I know I will not spend the money on the pro plan, I'm retire and not working. I don't want to learn the proplan to start then have to learn the free plan. This looks like a good program with a big upfront investment of learning it, but I don't want to have to learn, unlearn, relearn it.

Ana Loraine
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