Checklist visible but not editable on repeat tasks

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Hi Aymeric

I just came across this bug today when I was setting up a series of repeating tasks - basically I have been setting up task 'slots' for the day, then per item, adding a small checklist

When I first add in the checklist items, they show up in the list - however, once saved, even though they can be seen in the column view, when I expand the view for that item, the checklist is blank.....

I can then add additional checklist items, which increase the checklist tally in the week/column view, but in expanded view, it shows as empty again.

I've added a couple of screenshots below to help explain

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Thanks for this great bug report. We are on it!
Ian David
awesome - thanks Aymeric. Weekplan has been a fantastic help today with planning :-)
Fixed a few days ago. Let me know if you see this behaviour again. Thanks!