Automatically moving the past uncompleted tasks

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This is such a great app, and I appreciate all the improvements you continue to make to it! One suggestion: there is an option under settings to automatically move all past uncompleted tasks to today. I would like the option of having them go to unscheduled instead. If I didn't get to it today, I might not have a chance to get to it until a few days from now. I want to be able to decide how I will reschedule the task instead of having everything pile up on the current day. 


Thanks. I will keep this suggestion in mind. You are the first person to suggest this, so I am going to wait and see if more people request it.

r b

thanks! i realized that i was using "unscheduled" instead of "someday" because i had changed the name of my someday box. i hope that was clear!


want that feature, too!


This would be great!! An option to select either would be ideal.


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