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Hy Aymeric,

I have a proposition for u: When you hover your pointer over a task that has a comment a tag is shown that tells you that: " This task has some notes". Can you make something to not show that message but show the comment insted? Now i can see the comments only if i open the task and i think it is very productive not too open the task every time. It is not a urgent problem so take your time. Thank you and sory for the bad grama.
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Thanks for your suggestion. I will surely pass this on to Aymeric and our product development team for consideration for future enhancements.
Thanks, I will think of a way to do this properly. One challenge is that we don't preload comments of a task (only the count) and only load the full task information in the edit dialog. So I need a mechanism to load the comments when you pass your mouse (or click on the comment icon for example)
Boo L.
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