Just lost a whole lot of tasks

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Hi - I was really getting into this and thinking it is exactly what I've been looking for for so long.

But then... I lost about 30 tasks I'd just entered!!!!! Ka-boom - for no reason they just disappeared!!

Is there some way to manually force a sync or backup as you go to avoid this happening again??
Actually something weird is going on, because when I search for a keyword, the missing tasks appear in the search results - but I can't see them anywhere! They were in one of the lists in my parking lot. Any idea where they could be?
I logged out, logged back in and they were back. Still a bit mystified about where they were hiding! Anyway I'm very relieved I haven't lost them. Many thanks, still learning my way around
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Apologies for this inconvenience, Bec. We had a system issue a week ago and this must have affected on how your account was updated. Just glad that everything is working well on your end now. Thanks for your patience!