Hi - "Is there a sharpen the saw" area where we can track exercise, reading, etc?

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I love all of your improvements, and hope you can work this one in somewhere. I would love to track how I am doing with the daily habits I am trying to incorporate - yoga, studying etc. This would be similar to the "Sharpen the Saw" section of First Things First.
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I like this idea. The only thing I had thought of in terms of Sharpen the saw was integrating a journal.

Could you describe to me what you would like to track exactly (do you just want to keep track of the streak, how many days in a row you managed to keep at your daily habit) and how you would use that information?
Thanks. I would like to be able to put things from Sharpen the Saw on my to do list daily - maybe I should just create a list of habits and drag them, now that I think of it. I just noticed that every day I was writing in a repetitive task- Study Spanish 1/2 hour, for example - or do yoga - the physical, mental, spiritual daily practices. Even better would be able to chart how often I did them, but I would only be using that as a motivator.
I stopped using this program for a while, and now that I am back to it, I love all the improvements. It is really useful.
Boo L.
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