Recurring events duplicated

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I like the idea of recurring task. I created one, but then this week wanted to do that on Friday instead of Saturday. I tried to move the recurring event to a different day and then it replicated itself at least 10 times. It is now showing up 10x in each day that it repeats (T, Th, S) for the remainder of series.

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We are looking at this.


We cannot reproduce this issue unfortunately. Are you able to reproduce this issue consistently?


I haven't tried. I stopped using recurring events because it was annoying me and I don't have to have to delete 40 events manually again.


I've see the same thing. Here are four tasks in my upcoming week that are duplicates: 8156632, 8156633, 8156634, 8156635. Well, I guess one is legit and the other three are duplicates. When I delete the duplicates they still reappear the next week.

Ana Loraine
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Hi there!

Our apologies if we missed this ticket. Please feel free to reach out if you are still having the same issue. We'll be more than happy to assist you!