We could use that 8th spot on the week page for "tasks this week."

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I don't always know right away when I should schedule a task, but I want it "in front of me" as a reminder that I should put it somewhere on my schedule this week. I don't want to hop back/forth to the "someday" area. 

I thought maybe a "this week" area in that 8th spot on the week calendar could be useful for things that aren't exactly "GOALS of the week" but are more like the nuts and bolts execution stuff.  

(Also, not sure if it's just me, but I always scour the interface to find the "someday" link. It's removed from the other clusters of information, so it disappears for me. I usually look down to the set of buttons on the bottom left, and then the upper right, even though I've found it in the past. I wonder if others also have a findability problem with that button location?)
Hi Susanna,

I may need to add an icon on the Someday button to make it more visible.

I will use the 8th spot for Pending/Blocked tasks.

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