Reduce clicks when editing/deleting tasks.

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In Chrome, I get a pop-up dialog box that asks for verification that I want to edit or delete a task. I'd like to encourage you to consider removing it so our clicks bring us further through the interface than they do now. Thanks!

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Isn't the popup only for repeating tasks?


Yes, you're right. It would be nice though to double-click on any task and begin editing. Maybe there could be some radio buttons in the Edit Task box that allow you to edit only this one task, or edit all tasks in the series?


Totally agree! I was about to start a new ticket for quicker note editing, and reducing number of clicks in general (I'm new to this--Aymeric, let me know if you would still like me to do that!)

Here are my suggestions:

1) Have the options to edit, check off, and move to trash appear when mousing over, rather than needing to click once to pop up the menu, and another time to select an option

2) Then, with one click, be able to edit the task text inline! This would be so useful, and speed up my editing quite a bit. How it would look: clicking on a task would make it's title editable inline, so you can easily edit it while seeing the rest of the tasks for the week. This would be much nicer for than needing to edit it within the separate, elaborate, and screen-consuming task editing window for simple changes.

3) Once you're in the note-editing screen, it would be awesome to be able to hit "return" and close and save the note quickly, instead of needing to click elsewhere on the screen (unless there's a better way or a shortcut that I don't know?)

Ana Loraine
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