Can I give permission to "always use new version when it becomes available"?

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I appreciate your asking/informing before you do anything. More than before, pop-ups request permission to use the "new version." I assume this is because you are constantly upgrading (which is great! Thanks!).

   Would it be possible to have a check-box in account settings which allows me to run the newest version as soon as it becomes available? In Google Play, android apps can be set to upgrade automatically, but when there is a change in permissions or major functionality it requires me to approve the upgrade. I don't mind that. 

  The basic point is that I trust you and your programming. I work in a very secure environment and use multiple machines depending on the risk and activitity so I don't create security "holes". Once I trust a program and an app, I'm willing to give it advance permission to upgrade. I explain this because you may (a) want to check out Google Play's criteria, or (b) analyze the design of your app - especially how it synchronizes across browsers and domains. You will be the best at determining potential risks - and it is also in your best interests to make sure no hackers piggy-back on your product!


Hi Henry, 

The reason why I ask via a dialog box is because getting the latest version requires a refresh of the current page and I don't want to interrupt whatever you were doing. That's why I can't really update automatically like Google Play does because the app needs you to be on the app to detect the new version and requires a refresh.

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