Calendar invites do not appear unless the event is copied into my calendar

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The header says it all. I am enjoying the Google calendar integration which works well but for one thing: When someone sends me a meeting invite and I accept it appears in my Google Calendar but it doesn't appear in WeekPlan. This is presumably because the invite was sent from another person's calendar. To get around this I could duplicate the event into my own calendar but this would be a daft way of doing things. Am I missing something? It seems like an important and elementary thing to sort out.

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Good news, as part of our latest release, you can now synchronize with multiple calendars. So you can now pull the calendar of the person who invited you.


Thanks for your response. It's actually not clear how this is possible without having a direct feed of someone else's calendar. It is not realistic to have an ical feed from all the people who send me meeting invites. If a shared event shows up in my calendar it should also show up in my WeekPlan. Could you please let me know how this is possible without asking every person I work with to share their iCal URL with me? Thanks.