New Boards - entries showing up in parking lot

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Thank you for moving the parking lot and new boards back to the main view. I really appreciate being able to see everything at one time.

I am still having one issue. I created a new board and created a few new lists. When I switch back to the parking lot, the new lists show up in the parking lot (even though I selected the name of the new board). The list in the first position does not show up but the lists in the rest of the positions do show up.

It also seems like when I am in the space for the new board, this should be the automatic selection. I shouldn't have to manually select the name of the new board it should be the default unless I want to change something

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Yes you are correct we are going to fix this quickly, thanks.


Seems to be working great, thanks!

Ana Loraine
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Quote from superg

Seems to be working great, thanks!