Have timeline update remaining task schedule to current time

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Right now I schedule my tasks for the day and, because I have set durations for them, I can more or less see where my day will end and if I have scheduled a reasonable list of tasks.

However, if something comes up or a task takes longer than I had planned I can no longer see that (so it's hard to see what I need to drop off for tomorrow in order to re-prioritise based on remaining available time). It would be good if it would show me a running end of day time, based on duration of today's tasks and update their starting time based on the actual time shown on my computer screen. Like of the way the EndTime app works with ToodleDo.

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We already give you a total estimated hours at the bottom of the day. Is that what you are after?


Almost. I guess going the extra step of calc an end of day time given the current tasks, which is linked to my location.

Of course I could do it myself, adding up the hours, but if I can just see that at a glance it would be helpful.

This is a "nice to have". Thanks for checking in.

Boo L.
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