Start and End Times Appearing Without Me Setting Them

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I did a lot of research before deciding that Week Plan was the perfect for me. The only major issue I have is that many of my tasks are being given a start and end time that I did not set. I never use this feature - is there a way for me to turn it off? Why is this happening?

Thank you!

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Hi Rachel,

I am sorry that this aspect of our user interface is confusing. We are going to improve it in the next version.

The way it works is:

When you drag a task onto a day, a "Start of day" bar appears in all days. If you drop the task above the bar, it will not set any start time but if you drop it under, it will.

Is that what is happening to you?


This is not quite what is happening - I turned off the "Start of day" feature/bar in the settings. The problem is that on my desktop, I do not have time registered, but when I go into the app sometimes a time is registered. Is there a "Start of day" bar in the mobile version? Maybe that is my issue.

Thank you!

Ana Loraine
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Hi there!

Our apologies if we missed your response to this ticket. Please feel free to reach out if you are still having the same issue. We'll be more than happy to assist you!