single-day view

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Wanted to give you some quick feedback. I can't justify using this instead of Todoist when I can't view just the one-day's tasks at time. The weekly view and all other view quickly made me feel overwhelmed, which I know the whole point of this is to avoid that. Highly suggest adding an easy way to view just "Today's" tasks full screen on the web app and on phone apps, and this should be optional to be the default view. This would allow user to focus on just what is immediately ahead of them. If there is already a way to do this, I did not discover it easily enough. Cheers, overall nice product!


When you hover on the day of the week, you get a button with four squares - that is the quadrant view and is by day.

There all tasks are divided by importance and urgency and so its one of the best tools possible.

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We are working on a new version of weekplan that will have a day view. The day view will have the benefit to show all the tasks across other workspaces too.


This feature would definitely be user dependant... I personally love the week at a glance view and I love the three sections of week, roles/goals, and parking lot. Very awesome.

Ana Loraine
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