Monthly view

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A monthly view with 4 weeks of the month is showed on the screen where we can move the goals of the week seamlessly. Would be great!
Jalanda Smith
A 2 week view would be even better than 1 week, it would give good detail as well as being able to practically plan ahead. Monthly would be a nice to have also.
Jalanda Smith
A fortnightly view would be immensely helpful to me. My life is so busy, I am booked at least a fortnight in advance.
Being able to see my upcoming fortnight and easily arrange tasks over a fortnight on one screen would be extremely helpful.

I am constantly flicking back and forward between this week and next, so having those two on one screen would be a point of excellent difference vs other weekly planners and calendars.

More viewing options would be great--just looking at roles, different periods of time, ways to map out projects into tasks and subtasks, etc.

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We have published the monthly view, thanks for the suggestion!