Where can I download the invoices?

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HI Aymeric,

With the design change I am not able to find where are the payment settings and where to download the invoices.

Can you tell me where?

Thank you,
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Yes we recently move the top nav bar into the side menu to allow us to use the same navigation in the mobile UI.

The menu sections are grouped like this:

1. page specific items (stuff related to the week view)
2. workspace specific items (access other features inside the same workspace)
3. account specific items (account settings, log out, etc...)

Regarding the access to payment settings and invoices, it would appear in the account section. I haven't yet got the time to work on building the new plans that will allow you to manage the PRO accounts in your team and there is no invoice page yet (it will all come together).

If you give me the paypal email addresses of all the accounts you want invoices for, I will create the invoices manually until I get to automate them properly.

Thanks for your patience. 

Making your life as a team leader easier is one of my top priorities, but recently some issues have crept up that prompted us to strengthen our codebase to reduce future bugs.

A new developer has joined the team a week and so ago, and I will be starting to work full-time on WeekPlan next week, so things should start moving faster from now on.

Here is a glimpse of our roadmap for Teams features

Thank you Pau!
Pau Valdés
Thank you Aymeric, I'll send you privately (email) our paypal account.
Can you group all our accounts taking into account that some of them are being paid monthly a some anualy (if I am not wrong! )

Thank you very much.

P.D: Cool stuff what you are about to develop! :-)
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Domingo Rojas
I need the invoice of my account... what can I do?
Quote from Domingo Rojas
I need the invoice of my account... what can I do?
Hola Domingo, mande la factura por email. Gracias!