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hi there,

it is great to hear that new things are coming, but one important question: why I can't see Parking Lot in preview mode of Week Plan 2? I have access only to week schedule (which is less wide than previous one - I have huge empty space on the right) and to Roles and Goles. where is Parking Lot then?



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You can access it by clicking on the week label. The parking lot is a board.


It seems very nice with the new version - but where is the pomodoro-button for each task so I can track that I'm using time on it?

Boo L.

Hi there,

Thank you for   reaching out.   Currently the  focus  timer is not yet  available on the   V2.

We  just would like to gather  information to   help us  better understand your   needs.  May  we  ask for a  bit of  a  information about you :)  Are you  a  freelance  worker/ business person  etc?   Also how  does the focus timer  help  you?

We'd appreciate  your  response and  look forward  to  it.


I work as an associate professor at the university in Aalborg. I use the timer for two things - first if I need to concentrate on one specific task and secondly I use it to track how much time I use on different tasks. This is nice because I'm allocated certain time for different tasks and I don't want to use too much on it. So I use the feature nearly every day when using WeekPlan.


Hey guys, some of the popup task windows are blurry when you open them up on V2. Gives me a headache :)


Having problems dragging & dropping task and subtasks to reorder them in v2 using firefox .

Quote from Aymeric

You can access it by clicking on the week label. The parking lot is a board.

ok. I see it now.

but it would be great if view of the week could fit into the width of the screen. I have wide monitor and everything now is visually compressed (which generate trouble when tryng to read something) and almost half of the screen of the right is empty...

so at the moment I prefer the old version since it is more clear in sense of design.

all the best,



Hello, when adding a task in v2 it does not auto save the previous role selected. I have to go into the role once it is created > edit > and then add roll. 

In v1 I selected it once and then could add a list of tasks for that specific role without having to keeping going in and editing each one.

Please advise.

Ana Loraine
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Hi all!

Thank you for reaching out and our apologies if we missed your responses to this entry. 

We have made few updates during the past few months. Please feel free to reach out if you are still having the same issue. We'll be more than happy to assist you!