Week Plan 2

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Please don't put the boards/parking lot on a separate page. Has this been requested by a lot of people? I know the change was made before and then it was changed back, because users (such as myself) didn't like it. The Parking Lot (and now boards) is one of the most useful parts of Weekplan to me and I love being able to drag and drop things as I wish from the Parking Lot to Goals to specific days. In Week Plan 2, it seems like the only way to move something from the Parking Lot or board is to "promote it to today". If I'm the only one that feels this way, please ignore, but it feels like taking a step back. The thing I've loved about Week Plan from the beginning is the ability to see EVERYTHING I need to see at a glance. If users have requested the parking lot/boards be on a separate page, perhaps there is some compromise that allows each user to choose where their parking lots/boards appear? Thanks!


Just wanted to add: If you do move the parking lot/boards where you have to toggle between them and the weekly planner/roles, it would be SUPER helpful if we could choose days other that "Today" to look at in the sidebar. I do love the sidebar and being able to choose between Big Rocks, Today, and Pending there and think that feature will be really helpful.


I agree!! Came here to comment on parking lot. I need to be able to drag things on and off it as often as needed as I plan my day & week. 

Boo L.
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HI there,

Thank you for   the  feedback.   We will make sure to have this noted .


I agree too! As what is already useful that you can minimize the board / Parking Lot if it's too much to see for someone. 

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We put the parking lot on the same page, but you can collapse it.