If a task is on repeat do the subtasks not recreate as well?

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I have a task called Morninig Routine with about 15 subtask that all involve that process. The main task seems to repeat just fine but the subtask did not carry over. Thank you. 

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Boo L.
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HI there,

Thank you for reaching out.  We  are  sorry for the delay.  We seem to have missed your message.  

At the moment  the option to repeat task only applies to the  task itself and not the subtasks.


That would explain why it did not work. My intent was to use the subtasks which would lay out my morning routine in sequential steps to help keep me on track from doing random things that throw my morning off. Which you can imagine will be the catalyst often times for how the rest of the day will go. Is this something you guys are already working on or maybe would consider adding. Thanks

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Boo L.

Hi Ray,

We have this  in the  pipeline.  We  do not have  detail  as to when  but  it is something  considered  for  the future.


Welby Norman

I would also really be interested in for the Subtasks to repeat. I consume a lot of time having to relist my subtask everyday. 

Have to say, this is my only buggy think on the App. Otherwise, I really enjoy it and use it actively.


Yes this is much needed. It will be helpful rather having multiple tasks created.

Quote from bagavathi

Yes this is much needed. It will be helpful rather having multiple tasks created.

Thanks for your feedback. We are considering the implementation of "playbooks". A playbook is a list of subtasks. You can create playbooks, and in a task, you can duplicate all the subtasks you have created in a particular playbook.

Would that help?