Bug in Week Plan 2: stuck on "Drop here to set start time"

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After I set a time for a task, the "Drop here to set start time" persists, preventing me from doing anything else on the WeekPlan 2 screen. I have to refresh in order to get the message to go away. 


Other than that, I like the new version, especially the today list, and will consider going pro

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Boo L.
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Hi Derek,

Thank you for  reaching out and our  apologies for the delayed response.  May we  request for a screenshot of the issue you are  experiencing please?

Support Team

Actually that bug was present in previous versions. Please check it again. If it is still relevant we will come back to that problem.


Yes, I am still experiencing the bug. Here's a screen shot; I'm trying to convey that I can't do anything with the second task, or anything else, once I've selected a time for the 1st task


More data: I also experience this in Chrome in Incognito mode.

In Firefox 56, the problem doesn't start right away like in Chrome, but it happens eventually.


It seems to work fine in Safari

Support Team

Hi Derek,

Apologies for the delayed response. You are right, we still have this problem. We are currently working on it. We will let you know as soon as we release a fix for this bug.

Thank you for being with us.

Ana Loraine
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