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I love the idea of Week Plan, but there are little things not working and this is really a pain. For example, the proritize tool with the 4 quadrants is great, but then its NOT automatically re-organising the tasks. Or uncompleted tasks are not always carried over to the next day, only sometimes. If this happens on the weekend, its not even possible to simply move them to Monday. I have to edit each task separately and change the date.
And most frustrating point is that you hardly can reach anyone - nothing is happening. 

iOS app
Support Team

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching us out. We are sorry that you are having these issues with our iOS app. Our iOS team is currently working on a new update. We will notify our iOS team of the issues that you are having. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved when we release our next iOS app. We will notify you when a new version is released.


Bojan, Are you talking about the iOS app or the Web App?

Quote from Aymeric

Bojan, Are you talking about the iOS app or the Web App?

Hi Aymeric,
I work on APPLE devices, desktop, iphone and Ipad. On the Desktop i run the web app. Other devices with iOS app. 

Boo L.

Hi Bojan,

We have  forwarded your concern to the independent iOS developer that we  work with.  We will keep you posted  as soon as  we have an update.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.



Ana Loraine
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