Demote to Parking Lot

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The option to "promote to today" from the parking lot is very useful. However, there is no option to "demote to parking lot". Could something like this be added? Currently, you have to delete it and re-add directly to the parking lot.

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Boo L.
  • Under review

Hi there,

Thank you for the suggestion.  This is noted and open for other users to vote for :)




you can easily demote to parking lot. Click in the task and click on the date. Yoi can select a list from there.


Thanks! I completely missed that. I would like to keep this idea up to add a quick button, like you have from the parking lot. It feels like this would be more intuitive.


I think, once you promoted a long standing item to Today, you were to finish it. Weren't you? :-) Otherwise you might be taking the car in & out of the garage but never get on to the speed lane on road.