tasks can not be assigned to big rock anymore

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Since shortly, a task can not be assigned to a big rock any more during creation. Now only roles can be selected. Now the only way to create subtasks to a big rock is via -> edit task -> checklist.

Very unconvenient and slow compared to before. Is it possible to bring the old feature back?

(During creation of a big rock, it is still possible, but this brings the newly created task as "subtask" AND as "big rock")

Web app

Strange: this happens only with the "grey" design:

If I go to account settings and back (even without changing anything), the design changes and the feature is there:


hmpf. seems to be an browser cache issue. after deleting the cache several times, chrome now seems to load the correct version and functionality.

Close Ticket pls. Sorry about that.

Boo L.
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Hi Peter,

Thank you for letting us know.  Please feel free to reach out anytime should you need assistance.

Have a great  day!