Suggestion for Prioritisation Quadrant view. Background Icons and/or colour

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When going to Quadrant view I find myself reading the labels on the quadrants more than I probably should.

Suggest either

  • Background image for the quadrant;   such as Exclamation and Clock. They could be large and like a watermark
  • or.. colour the quadrants background in some way such as red: important and urgent, purple: important not urgent... etc.

Dragging a task onto a quadrant with a nice big background icon/image would just make it more intuitive and pretty low effort to implement.

Web app

no one else think this would help?

Ana Loraine
  • Under review
Quote from stephen.x.foster

no one else think this would help?

Hi, Stephen! 

 Thank you for the suggestions. 

We do not have this on our priority list at the moment but I'll share this with the team for consideration and will keep the votes coming. 

Have a great day!