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Hello all! I have been working on a 'dark' reskin of Weekplan and have put it on Stylish, a chrome and firefox extension. 

Please download and give feedback, for it's still in development. If you'd like, too, you can edit the code yourself to color it however you'd like. Also, in the future I hope to make use of Stylish's custom value function, allowing users to skin the site in their own preferred style, without mucking through code.  

Here's a sample image: 

(it has changed a bit, but not too much yet)


Weekplan Dark Stylish Theme

Stylish for Chrome

Stylish for Firefox

Web app
Ana Loraine
  • Under review

Hi, Sparky!

We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to the Dev team . It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement.


Hey guys, I updated the theme to fix some things the new update changed.  

Download here on the Stylish site


thank you so much! i am installing!


your version broke but there is a everything dark in stylish that worked wonderfully! thank you.