Assign HITs to goals from schedule

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didn't saw this feature, so here's my idea:

Currently you go to the goal tab, create a goal, and create a HIT, which is assigend to a specific goal. If you set a time for the HIT, it will be shown in the schedule as well.  It would be great if you'd be able to assign HITs from the schedule/ parking lot to a goal.

I'd use this feature in that way: I have a list called "Goals for 2018". Here I have some bigger to-dos, which I want to achieve in 2018. To get more concrete, when I will complete which to-do, I'd assign these to the quartal goals.

I guess other people would like this feature as well. 

Does anyone supports this idea as well?

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Ana Loraine
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We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to the Dev team . It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement.

Also, it'd be good to see what our other users think about this. We'll keep the votes coming. :)

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You can now assign a goal to any task by clicking on the task, and pick a goal in the sidebar.