How can I access workspace settings?

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I'm loving WeekPlan and have a ton of feedback to give, if you're receptive to it (bug reports and suggestions) but want to start with this one. I thought there might not be a way to rename or delete a workspace, but search turned up several posts showing that this feature does, in fact, exist (or at least it did at one point). However, I can find no option to access workspace settings anywhere. Please help!
This is on the web version using Chrome.
This is now working as of Friday's update. Thank you for the fix!
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Quote from Jacquelyn
This is now working as of Friday's update. Thank you for the fix!
Hi Jacquelyn, yes thanks to your bug report I could fix this issue.

You mentioned you may have other feedback?
Thanks, Aymeric! I have experience in helping to design applications from a user's perspective, as well as beta testing them, so I've been taking notes on what I'd improve in Weekplan. I've started/added to other threads for some issues, but here are some other suggestions and observations (in no particular order) for your consideration. So far I have used only the web version in Chrome. 

1) Full Gmail integration would be a big improvement. I did set up Zapier to pull in starred emails, but considering Zapier integration is a PRO feature and the free Zapier accounts cap out at 100 task actions per month, I would also have to upgrade to premium on Zapier to pull in my normal email workflow to WeekPlan. It doesn't seem fair to have to pay for 2 premium services just to get email integration. An "add to Weekplan" button in Gmail (similar to the Todoist gmail extension) would be an awesome workaround to eliminate the need for Zapier premium.

2) Two-way Google Calendar sync would be extremely helpful, too. Weekplan is robust enough that it should be able to stand alone as a calendar tool. Therefore, it would make at least as much sense to pull in events from other calendars as it is to sync Weekplan events to an outside calendar. (Task management apps like Hitask do this.) Even better would be a way to also import and sync ical calendars right in WeekPlan (which not all two-way syncs offer).

3) Autosaved versions to permit rollback would be excellent insurance in case of data loss or corruption. I understand that we can download a backup CSV file, which is good, but I don't see any way to import the CSV back into WeekPlan to manually "roll back" the data. 

4) A more robust help tool is very much needed. I've found the FAQ and some blog entries by searching on Google, and I've even learned a lot reading through the support tickets, but it would be very useful for beginners to have organized help documentation available within WeekPlan. 

5) Search could be improved by adding a date field within each result on the list. This is especially important for identifying a particular instance of a recurring task. Right now, a gazillion identical entries for a recurring task clog up the search results list and it's impossible to tell the entries apart without clicking on each one to see which week it takes you to.

6) Consider adding multiple labels as an option. Hear me out on this one. I'm originally a GTD user, so I tend to think in terms of context labels. They could be very useful even within the framework of Covey's method. You already have this to a limited degree. "Important" and "Urgent" are great ones that I was glad to see and the Eisenhower Matrix view is an excellent addition. In addition to these, a tiny @home, @computer, or @errand label under the task and the ability to filter tasks based on the context labels would go a long way in helping to sort/filter tasks and identify which ones can potentially be accomplished given current circumstances. Like "I'm stuck sitting at the computer now while I'm on hold, so let's see all the things I could choose to do here." I'm sure there are other labels that could be equally useful. (I do know about the label-type feature by typing before a colon, but these aren't true labels as we can't assign more than one to a task.) I'm sure other users could think of many other uses for tags/labels.

7) It's great to see that recurring tasks actually show up on the calendar for future dates. Kudos to you for that! (Most apps only show the subsequent event AFTER the first one has been marked as completed. This makes it a pain to know what a day's schedule truly looks like in advance.) However, for some reason, the person assigned to a recurring task only shows up on the FIRST day.

8) Consider offering additional time increments for scheduled tasks. At the very least, every 15 minutes rather than just on the hour and half hour. I can't find a way to manually input a time to work around this. Also, the military time slider doesn't seem like the most efficient way to input time (but it's definitely not the worst I've seen, either).

9) When carrying forward unfinished role goals to the next week, perhaps limit it to unique entries being copied in order to prevent duplicates.

10) Neat analytics! However, some of the mouse-over categories on the pie charts aren't showing up right. The title of the categories are getting cut off due to appearing outside the viewing area. And do we really need that many decimal places in the percentages? I'm a math/statistics professor and my students would drive me batty submitting pie charts with unrounded percentages! Cutting down the decimal places in the percentages might provide enough space to list the titles that are getting cut off.

Thank you for your consideration!

Should time ever permit, it might be valuable if you could add your list of feedback as separate Ideas so that others can more easily find them and upvote them individually. I really liked #5 and #6.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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