Adding new tasks - will no longer let me enter the role when adding a task. The options are greyed out. Have to add and then reopen to add role

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Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out.

Our team is fixing this issue and will be deployed once the update is available. 

Thank you for understanding.

I second this. I've only been using Week Plan for a month but it is extremely annoying that it takes multiple menus to add a new task, assign it to a role, and add it to a date. Creating a new task puts it in the inbox, then in order to assign it to a role I need to move it to High Impact Tasks. Then I need to go to the High Impact Tasks menu to edit that task, assign a role and put it on a date. 


This is an old issue. It has been resolved since. 

To add a task to HITs, click on the + icon next to the next of the role you want to add the task in. It will pre-populate with the role.

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