Organizing goals and its high impact tasks

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Hi there!

It would be great if I could arrange quarterly goals and high impact tasks as I like. I would like to neatly arrange my high impact tasks in the order of planned completion. All I would need is to be able to is to promote or demote the line for each high impact task in an order I like.

Now the inconvenience is that when I begin planning the high impact tasks of the goal I might not know what comes first, second or third and etc. So, the planned weeks of completion are scattered all over the timeline and there seems to be no way organizing the timeline effortlessly.

Thanks for making Week Plan such an effective tool!

Best regards,

Antti Piispanen

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So are you saying that you would like to be able to reorder HITs inside a goal?


Yes, thats it!

Quote from AnttiP

Yes, thats it!

Ok thanks for the feedback, we are currently rebuilding the Goals module from scratch to implement OKRs (if you are familiar with them).

We will keep that in mind to see if we can fit the ability to reorder.