The quote of the day / moment flashes away before I can even read it. Maybe a hyperlink so I can find them and read them?

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No use having these cool quotes if they flash past me and knock me straight into my week. Would be nice to be able to read it in full or a link to click on to find them. Current quote something about prioritising? Haven't got the whole thing yet as flashes away too fast.


It is meant to go straight into your subconscious... just kidding :)

In fact I put these quotes because I expected weekplan would load slower than that. So it is a good thing you don't have the time to read them but I understand it can be frustrating.

You can hold the mouse down while the quote is displaying to keep it displayed but even that doesn't always work because the quote is too fast.

Maybe I will remove the quotes unless the page takes more than 1s to load or something like that. 

I definitely need to find a solution but I haven't figured out what yet. I am open to suggestions.

John Glen

I'm open to them being emailed to me with selective option to subscribe.

Or just a link to the quote of the day.

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